Apples with Nut Butter, LSA and Agave

1 Apple (Granny Smith work well) 1 tbsp Cashew nut butter (or almond, or hazelnut) 1/2 tbsp Goji berries 1/4 scoop Pure Protein Powder Agave (to taste) LSA (optional) – ground linseed, sunflower seeds, ground almonds – or pre-mixed Linwoods Q10 available in health food shops. Slice the apple, spread it with nut butter, sprinkle…

Spelt toast with Nut Butter and Marmite

2 slices of Never Fail Spelt Bread (see recipe here) 2 tbsp nut butter (cashew, hazelnut, almond etc) drizzle of¬†Marmite (you’ll either love it hate it) Toast the bread, spread with nut butter and drizzle the marmite¬†over! Tuck in!