Spanish Omelette

Here is a simple idea for a Spanish omelette, I love this 🙂 Perfect boxing day food, use up all your leftover veggies.

spanish omelette 1000pix

You will need:

6 medium free-range eggs

leftover veggies

If I don’t have roasted leftovers I usually use 1 leek, 1 white onion and anything else I have in my fridge that needs to be used

1 green chilli finely chopped

goats cheese

1 cup of raw baby spinach

salt and pepper to season

Beat the eggs together in a bowl, heat the pan. I use coconut oil to cook in simply because it is stable at high temperatures. Add the egg to the hot pan and then the veggies and goats cheese spreading the mixture evenly.

spanish omelette in pan 1000pix

Once the egg is cooked you can either flip, fold over or grill the top. I like to flip and then fold, you could call me a sunny side down kinda gal 🙂

Season and serve!

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