Dehydrated Pineapple Recipe

I love parties and all the little snacks that go with entertaining. The only issue being how calorific these simple treats are. So I tend to go for low-calorie, healthy treats that are easy to prepare and seriously delicious!

Pineapple heaven!

Very easy when you have a dehydrator, also possible in the oven if you dry out at a low heat until done, this will take several hours in the oven.

The best thing to do is remove the skin of the pineapple and slice finely. I leave the core in only because I like its chewy texture but you can remove it if you prefer.

Thin pieces tend to dry out quicker so I usually cut the slices in half and lay out on the tray turn it on and forget about it. The best part is the lovely smell of pineapple that fills my kitchen for hours!

Once dry place in an airtight container and bring them out when you fancy a snack. I also add aniseed or nut butter to the pieces before I dehydrate them for a bit of variation.

Try! You will be pleasantly surprised.


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