Baked Beans Recipe

Yes I know, they come out of a tin?
I love making my own baked beans on a Sunday morning and it is really simple to do yourself and be super healthy when eating one of the nations favourites!

My favourite Sunday morning treat!

You will need the following:

1 can of butter beans, make sure they contain no added sugar or salt, pour the water off and give them a quick rinse.
1 punnet of cherry or baby plum tomatoes, slice them into quarters.
1-2 finely sliced chillies, depending on how much heat you like.
Cheese to top, in the pic I use goats cheese, you can also use a vegan cheese, this is optional.
Coconut oil.
Himalayan rock salt and freshly ground pepper.

So start by chopping up the tomatoes and chillies, add them to heated coconut oil and allow to simmer on a medium heat, then season, add the butter beans and allow to warm through.

I then serve this on a slice of toasted rye or spelt bread, with a massive frothy cappuccino.


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