Snack Attack!

There are some day’s that I get the munchies, possibly due to hormonal changes or perhaps not eating enough the day before or for breakfast! On those days I try reaching for healthy options and avoiding the naughty food I know will make me feel fat and tired!

Anyway, I tried this the other day and have to say I have fallen in love 🙂

Plus there is no mess!

For the moment in your day when you are torn between a chocolate bar a biscuit or a healthy snack.  Try this …

It is so simple and great as a snack or even as a dessert if you fancy something after dinner. One thing is for sure it won’t push your insulin levels sky-high!

200g pot of yogurt, I used greek yogurt. (you could use soya or any plain natural live yogurt)

Date Syrup drizzled over the yogurt (you could use honey, agave nectar, maple syrup)

Then sprinkle a few raw nuts on top, ta-da!

Sit down and enjoy!

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