Curried Carrot and Tofu Veggie Burger

Served these at a dinner party, went down like a treat!

2 tbsp of Olive/coconut oil

1 Onion, finely chopped

1 tsp ground Coriander

1-2 tsp Curry powder or paste

200g pack of cubed Tofu seasoned to taste

400g tin of Chickpeas or butter beans, drained

1 handful of toasted Nuts or seeds

2 large Carrots, grated

1 lime, zest and juice

1 egg or 4 tbsp Coconut milk

Sea salt and ground pepper

Other spices to taste (see below)

Spelt flour

Add the onion to a pan and cook gently in olive oil till soft. Add the coriander and 1 tsp of curry powder.

Mix well and allow to cook for a few minutes.

Then lightly blitz the onions, chickpeas or beans, tofu, nuts and seeds in a food processor just to combine the ingredients.

Add the carrots, lime zest and juice, the egg/coconut milk and mix well, add salt, pepper and the rest of the curry powder. I like to add fennel seeds, cinnamon, chilli and any other herb & spice I fancy on the day too. Be creative 🙂

Take the mixture and shape it into four burger patties, firmly press together and lightly dust with flour so they don’t stick to your hands or the surface. Cook them in a heated pan in a little oil. Handle them very gently as they are not as compact as meat burgers, so take your time. Cook till golden on both sides and serve with salad, chutney, sliced tomato, gherkins, natural yoghurt etc.

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