Simple Oats with Grated Apple

I have a few big workout days in my week and feel that I need a little more than just fruit and nuts and don’t fancy an omelette. This is my choice for the day.  Oats are not on the list of ingredients for the “kick start” plan as you know. This is one of those ‘allowable exceptions’ for those of you who are very active. Make sure you eat this breakfast when your body needs the extra carbohydrates.

This is my power breakfast!

Ingredients: A handful of rolled oats, 1 granny smith apple, grated, a pinch of sesame seeds and a dollop of honey, enough for one.

Method: I cook my oats in soya, but you can use almond milk or water if you prefer. Grate the apple and serve together with a sprinkle of cinnamon and honey to taste.  You can also add a tablespoon of natural yoghurt here if you wish.

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